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Introduction of East Gallery

East Gallery's founder Mr. Huan Hsien Liu received fine art degrees from both Taipei Normal College and National Taiwan Normal University. He has been a gallerist and art dealer for almost near 40 years. Albert Hsiao, East Gallery's general manager, is the second generation of the family and has focused on administration and curation for 18 years. East Gallery's core values are professionalism and integrity. The gallery continuously introduces master artists and their most important works to the public; by doing this, the gallery has established an international reputation while being a witness to the changes of the past hundred years of Taiwan's art history.


East Gallery represents established masters as well as mid-career and the newest generation of artist. Artists represented by the gallery practice nationally and internationally, addressing traditional, modern and contemporary concerns. Managing by an agent system and building an internet network, East Gallery contributes to keeping the industry moving forward on the right track.


East Gallery is located in eastern Taipei's most prosperous neighborhood and is served by convenient transportation. Visitors to the gallery will enjoy the warm and bright atmosphere of its elegantly designed exhibition space in addition to a kind welcome and first class service. It is definitely worth the trip to visit and appreciate the good works of art.


Since 1987, when East Gallery was established, it has developed many important exhibitions of famous senior artists such as  Chen Cheng Po, Liao Chi Chun, Chen Chin, Lin Yu Shan, Kuo Hsuen Hu, Li Mei Shiu, Huang Tu Shiu, Li Shih Chiao, Chen Chih Chi, Tsai In Tang and Hsiao Ju Sun etc…


In the art world, East Gallery plays an important role in motivating scholarship by publishing books about art and by their direct involvement in the development of private museums dedicated to Taiwan's history.


As part of the contemporary art world, East Gallery moves forward by representing famous Asian artists practicing overseas such as Daniel Lee, CJ Yeh and Wayne Wen Yau Wu. Additionally, they exclusively represent the young and talented sculptor Donald Harn and new media artist in 3D of Jerome Lin. Appreciated by many respected collectors, East Gallery extends Harn's base from Taiwan to overseas.


In addition to East Gallery's role of building bridges among senior, mid career and younger artists to the art market, the Gallery also keeps strong relationships with artists. It collects historical documents, filling information gaps in the art industry and history. Restoration-art exhibitions, memorial exhibitions, documentary exhibitions, story exhibitions, and academic exhibitions are examples of how the gallery continuously passes value from generation to generation while bridging the gaps in art history.


East Gallery is expanding into the China art market, initiating contacts and activities in Shanghai, as part of the rising pan Asian art market.


East Gallery will keep up its efforts of working with young up and coming artists who are moving forward on the main stage of art in the future.   


8F., No. 218-4, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106059, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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